2016 Mechanical Drive Order Survey

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Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide’s Mechanical Drive Order Survey is devoted to engine orders for mechanical drive applications including pumps, compressors, oil exploration machinery, rail and other industrial applications. ThePower Generation Order Survey examines reciprocating engines, steam turbinesand gas turbines for power generation service. The Marine Propulsion Order Survey examines mechanical drive, auxiliary and diesel-electric marine propulsions systems.

The Mechanical Drive Order Survey includes prime movers beginning at 500 kW (0.5 MW). New orders are broken into reciprocating engine, gas turbine and steam turbine orders.

Fuel types are simplified to reflect only liquid versus gaseous fuels. Liquid fuel, as reported in this survey, can be any form of diesel oil.

It is important to note that the data in this survey does not represent units shipped, but only the total orders received during calendar-year 2015.