The 40th Annual Power Generation Order Survey

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2016 power gen cover

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Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide’s Power Generation Order Survey is part one of three surveys designed to provide details on the markets of larger reciprocating engines, steam turbines and gas turbines used in power generation, marine propulsion and mechanical drive applications.

We divide the data into three reports in order to provide a more in-depth look at each market segment. The Power Generation Order Survey examines reciprocating engines, steam turbines and gas turbines for power generation service. The Mechanical Drive Order Survey is devoted to engine orders for mechanical drive applications including pumps, compressors, oil exploration machinery, rail and other industrial applications. The Marine Propulsion Order Survey examines mechanical drive, auxiliary and diesel-electric marine propulsions systems. The Mechanical Drive and Marine Propulsion surveys will appear soon on the website.


Total orders (all reported driver types) reported in the 2016 Power Generation Order Survey (2015 data) were down about 2% compared to those reported in last year’s survey (2014 data). The 2015 Survey showed a 1% drop compared to 2013, which seems to indicate the continued impact of low oil prices, among other economic uncertainties.