Emissions, Noise Reduction For Marine Applications

The new ExiLencer exhaust and noise control system is designed for ships and yachts with marine diesel oil or ultra low sulfur heavy fuel oil (MGO/ULSHFO) engines.
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Airflow Catalyst Systems has announced a strategic partnership with Exilator, a Danish company focused on providing emissions and noise reduction solutions to marine applications.

The companies have combined their technologies into the ExiLencer exhaust and noise control system for the maritime industry.

Pursuant to the strategic partnership, Exilator leverages its maritime exhaust silencer and filter expertise and Airflow Catalyst provides expertise in coating and diesel emissions control. Both companies will offer the product to the marine industry under the product name ExiLencer and the companies note it has been tested for nearly 12 months on Danish Maritime Authority’s Poul Løwenørn.

ExiLencer is designed removes 98% of particulates or soot, 99% CO, and completely removes the smell of diesel, the companies said.  In addition, the catalyst reduces NOx emissions, while the silencer reduces exhaust noise by up to 35 dB(A).

The product relies on passive catalyst regeneration at low temperatures and requires no preheating or added complexity of additional substances, the companies said.

“We are proven experts in the emissions control retrofit market,” said Umbereen Mustafa, business development Director of Airflow, which is headquartered in Wayland, N.Y. “Our team has the expertise to design and properly size a variety of complex systems elements therefore offering the best passive regeneration solution for each application.”

ExiLencer has been designed for ships and yachts with marine diesel oil or ultra low sulfur heavy fuel oil (MGO/ULSHFO) engines, and is ideal for ships operating close to the shore, the companies said.

“We are pleased that we were able to combine our expertise to build a unique solution for the maritime industry,” said Jesper Steenbuch, president of Exilator.