A Twist On Air Starters

TDI has introduced the TurboTwister line compact turbine air starters designed to enable one basic model configuration to serve engine sizes ranging from 20-150 L.

“TurboTwister is the result of many conversations with customers about what they wanted in the next generation of air starters,” said Dave Rawlins, senior product manager at TDI. “We’ve added more power and a complete start system in a smaller footprint. We’ve made it even more air efficient, but the most important aspect of the TurboTwister line is that our customers will be able to stock and order one basic model to cover the vast majority of their fleet of engines.”

The TurboTwister line includes four base models: the T6A starter only, the T6B starter-only with integrated relay valve, and the T6C which has a complete integrated start system including the starter, relay valve, solenoid and control lines. The fourth model is a T7A, which is specifically designed for gas-supply applications with 3-in. NPT exhaust to allow customers to pipe supply gas away for meeting regulatory compliance standards.  TurboTwisters weigh between 36-38 lb. (16.3-17.2 kg) and have the flexibility to run 45-150 psig (3.1-10.3 bar).

“One of our goals for TurboTwister was to help simplify our customers’ business operations by providing extremely versatile base models – four to be exact,” Rawlins said.  “Another core design feature is the simplification of installation. The T6A starter-only model is an easy bolt-on for retrofitting engines where manual controls are already in place.  For packagers or customers who like the simplicity of a plug & play retrofit, we have the T6B with integrated solenoid and relay valve.   Both of these models feature a singular orientation, which further simplifies ordering and installation.”

Where ATEX, USCG C1D2 CSA, CE, and other environmental requirements apply, TDI has fully compliant models for both air and natural gas/hazardous service. The T7A for gas-operation model features a 3-in female NPT outlet and optional flanged inlet and exhaust connections.

TurboTwister units have been in the field since the beginning in 2017.  Full year production began in July. TurboTwisters are now available and shipping from TDI’s factory in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

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