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The Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide website is dedicated to providing in-depth news and information on engine room products and technologies used in power generation, oil & gas, rail traction and marine propulsion applications.

Each year, Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide compiles three separate order surveys designed to provide details on the markets of large-horsepower reciprocating engines, gas turbines and steam turbines used in power generation, mechanical drive and marine propulsion applications. These reports have become highly anticipated resources showing the current landscape of large-horsepower prime movers. Consult Publisher for exclusive sponsorship opportunities.

The Engine Room News (ERN) e-newsletter provides timely, up-to-the-minute information on new products, technologies, applications and happenings in the industry. The ERN is published on or near the 5th and 20th of each month and delivered to @ 35,000 opt-in subscribers.

Typical visitors are industry professionals associated with engineering, production/purchasing, operating/maintenance, administrative/marketing and other functions found within the engine rooms of power generation, oil & gas, marine and rail applications.

Typical advertisers include engine and turbine manufacturers and service providers as well as engine room component and system manufacturing companies associate with power generation, oil & gas, marine propulsion and rail traction applications.

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