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Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide has covered the large engine and gas turbine markets for more than half a century. Founded in 1969, it was available as a print magazine until 2016, when it went to a website-only version (www.dieselgasturbine.com). Beginning in 2020, the publication returned to print with two issues. In 2021, the magazine will have three issues.

Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide will continue to cover large engine and gas turbine technology and applications in power generation, marine propulsion, oil & gas and rail. It will also feature market trends, new products and interviews with industry leaders, as well as the highly-anticipated annual Order Surveys, which represent some of the few remaining neutral sources of market data available at no charge.

Along with the print magazine, the Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide website will continue to provide news and industry information up to the minute, while the opt-in e-newsletter, which reaches 30,000 subscribers, is sent weekly.

Typical readers are industry professionals associated with engineering, production/purchasing, operating/maintenance, administrative/marketing and other functions found within the engine rooms of power generation, oil & gas, marine and rail applications.

Typical advertisers include engine and turbine manufacturers and service providers as well as engine room component and system manufacturing companies associate with power generation, oil & gas, marine propulsion and rail traction applications.


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