Another Step Toward Russian-made High Power Gas Turbine

Power Machines says it has designed remote monitoring, predictive diagnostics system

As part of research and development for a domestically-produced high-power gas turbine, Russian company Power Machines said it has completed the work and submitted for examination a draft design of the remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics system GTE-170.1.

The draft design of the remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics system GTE-170.1 was developed by Power Machines in partnership with the All-Russian Thermal Engineering Institute (OJSC VTI), a leading industry research institution, one of whose specializations is the development of predictive maintenance systems.

The project is based on the algorithms of the software and hardware complex for technological control and diagnostics of Power Machines for the power equipment of thermal power plants. The functionality of the system will allow diagnostics of equipment at the customer’s site, performing repairs based on the actual technical condition instead of scheduled preventive maintenance, as well as organizing safe data transmission for analysis to the Power Machines expert diagnostic center.

Based on the analysis of the world experience in the operation of gas turbines with a capacity of 60 MW or more, a list of malfunctions has been determined, according to which diagnostic algorithms will be developed, providing automatic detection of deviations in operation, the company said.

Factory tests of the GTE-170.1 remote monitoring and predictive diagnostics system will take place in 2022. During the trial operation, the operation of diagnostic algorithms will be checked, predictive models will be tested, and the user interface will be improved.

Power Machines began developing a domestic line of power gas turbines of two standard sizes – GTE-65 and GTE-170 – in 2018. Since then, a design bureau has been created, design documentation has been developed, design work is underway.

The R&D plan is being implemented with the participation of the country’s leading research enterprises. Re-equipment of production is carried out, active work with suppliers is underway. In 2019, Power Machines won the competition of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia for R&D subsidies for this project.

Earlier this year, Power Machines announced that it was withdrawing from a joint venture with a subsidiary of Siemens.

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