Basler Electric’s New Digital Excitation Control System

Basler Electric introduced the DECS-450 Digital Excitation Control System as the newest product in its line of integrated excitation systems. The DECS-450 is built on the
DECS microprocessor-based platform with thousands of installations worldwide.

The DECS-450 is designed to provide reliable excitation control for positive and positive/negative forcing excitation systems and offers numerous technological advancements for the control of excitation and monitoring of synchronous generators and motors.

It can be used in power generation applications using gas turbines, steam or hydro. It can also be installed in synchronous motor and pumped storage applications. It is also suitable for retrofit applications, the company said.

The DECS-450 offers enhanced voltage regulation accuracy at 0.10%, five modes of excitation control and integrated programmable logic. The DECS-450 offers configurable protection, integrated automatic synchronizing, increased data logging and event recording capabilities as well as load sharing over Ethernet.

The DECS-450 also includes BESTCOMSPlus PC Software, with enhanced metering. The auto-tuning function automatically establishes optimum gain settings, taking the guesswork out of system setup, reducing commissioning time and cost while maximizing overall system performance, the company said. The integrated Power System Stabilizer ensures costly generator damage is avoided as well as improves overall system stability.

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