Battery-Hybrid Dual-Fuel System For Ferries

MAN Energy Solution will deliver a hybrid propulsion solution to Damen Gorinchem Holland shipyard for two dual-fuel/hybrid RoRo ferries for Canada-based Seaspan Ferries Corporation, that operates a drop-trailer service accompanying trailers during transit to or from Vancouver Island.

For the supply, MAN Energy Solutions will cooperate with Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA), in which it has a 40% stake. AKA specializes in power supply, energy management and drive systems for marine and industrial applications.

MAN Energy Solutions’ fuel-gas specialist, MAN Cryo, has been charged with supplying the new ferries’ fuel gas supply system (FGSS).

The hybrid propulsion for each vessel will be thus be composed of: two MAN 35/44DF dual-fuel engines; the MAN Cryo fuel gas supply system including a 209m³ tank; AKA main electrical system and 2-MWh energy storage systems; and AKA low voltage distribution system.

Additional AKA hybrid features for this project include peak shaving under rough conditions and maneuvering, enhanced dynamic support during ship acceleration, and zero-emissions operation at the terminal.

According to MAN Energy Solutions, this hybrid system in combination with a fully integrated MAN Cryo FGSS offers a reliable operation in gas mode – especially in view of the ferry segment’s typical frequent and high load-fluctuations – and even with low methane numbers.

For Seaspan, it was essential to avoid any diesel operation due to environmental and ecological reasons. High system efficiency and the lowest emissions will also be achieved by having just one of two dual-fuel engines online at a time and at high load.

The propulsion and battery hybrid system, integrated by AKA, provides sufficient propulsion power in all operational modes to serve Seaspan’s requirements.

“System technologies that help our customers to increase the efficiency of their plants and reduce emissions already form a significant part of our business, and also lead the way to a carbon-neutral future,” said Wayne Jones, OBE (Order of the British Empire) – chief sales officer and member of the Executive Board, MAN Energy Solutions. “The Seaspan order also fulfills our desire to increasingly become a supplier of complete solutions. AKA and MAN Cryo played key roles in this significant order.”

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