Capstone Supplying CHP Applications

Two plants in Mexico getting four C200 systems

Capstone will supply four of its C200S microturbines for two manufacturing plants in Mexico.

Capstone Turbine Corp. said it has secured orders for four C200 systems to be installed in Mexico for two industrial combined heat and power (CHP) applications.

Secured by DTC Soluciones Inmobiliarias SA de CV, Capstone’s exclusive distributor in Mexico, the combined orders are for four C200 CHP systems. Each of the systems will use natural gas to provide power and thermal energy for the manufacturing process. Two of the systems will be installed at a large pet food manufacturer where the thermal energy will be used as a replacement for a food oven. The two additional C200s will be installed at a latex glove manufacturer where the exhaust energy will be used during the drying process to reduce cost, improve efficiency and reduce on-site emissions.

The C200 offers 200 kW of electrical power output and can be paralleled up to provide up to 30 MW.

Mexico’s General Climate Change law, signed in 2012, set the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a national level by 30% by 2020. This law also introduced the requirement that beginning in 2018, large and industrial electricity consumers must transition by 2024 to consuming 35% of their electricity from clean energy sources.

Utilizing the heat by-product of an electricity generating system allows operators to reduce emissions and save added cost that would otherwise be required to produce heat or steam in a separate unit. While traditional electricity from the grid with coal and gas-fired plants produce power at 33% efficiency, Capstone CHP systems can reach efficiencies of more than 80%.

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