Clean Fuel Via A New WaveLength

Donaldson Co., Inc. has developed a new method to remotely monitor the pressure drop across the company’s bulk filtration systems used at power generation facilities and other applications where large amounts of fuel are stored and used.

The company’s new WaveLength system connects to bulk filtration systems and is designed to remotely monitor the health of the system, including tracking pressure drops that can indicate when filter change outs are needed.

“The labor required to maintain a bulk filtration system is costly, and customers are always looking for ways to improve operational efficiency,” said Scott Grossbauer, director of Clean Donaldson WaveLength panelFuel and Lubricant Solutions at Donaldson Co. “The contaminants in today’s diesel often lead to rapid bulk filter plugging. Donaldson WaveLength alerts operators to any problems in real time, giving them peace of mind and allowing them to focus on operations, or what they do best.”

Bulk filtration systems often are located in remote areas and used at all hours of the day or night, especially for critical around-the-clock operations. Tracking pressure drop to know when a filter change is needed can be time consuming, costly and not always practical, particularly in remote power generation installations.

The WaveLength system is engineered to allow access to filtration performance data at any time and any location and can be configured to proactively send email or text alerts when preset pressure drop levels are reached. It can provide to data from multiple filtration systems at once and display maps of filtration system locations and pressure drops.

The system is battery powered and communicates with the cloud via cellular signal. Donaldson WaveLength is available in several installation/mounting kits, with each mounting kit designed for quick, easy plumbing into the filtration system. Mounting hardware is included and no cutting, tapping or welding is required, the company said. Donaldson also offers a turnkey installation service.

While designed to operate with Donaldson systems, the WaveLength technology can be fitted to any existing bulk filtration system to monitor the pressure drop. In addition, the data accumulated from Donaldson WaveLength can be used to provide predictive analysis about clean fuel and filter plugging for future maintenance planning.

More information on Donaldson’s WaveLength system is available here.

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