Developments In Combustion Analysis

Used in combination with the Imes EPM-XP electronic indicator, the combustion simulator allows users to create particular engine conditions without being connected to an actual running engine.

Imes launched the EPM-XP plus, a further development of its electronic indicator EPM-XP, a battery-powered hand-held electronic device for periodic monitoring of cylinder pressure on two-  and four-stroke diesel engines.

Imes said the EPM-XP, available on the market since 2008, was the first electronic indicator that offered automatic P-comp calculation without TDC pick-up, due to specifically developed mathematical algorithm. More than 2000 units have been sold so far.

The EPM-XP plus includes advanced features and offers a vibration sensor for vibration analysis to diagnose abnormal combustion and valve leakage.

The EPM-XP plus app enables on-line measurements via EPM-XP plus on tablet or smartphone. Online measurements on PC are also available via WiFi or via USB connection. The battery capacity of the device has been increased to up to 10 hours.

Recently Imes also introduced the EPM-XP combustion simulator which can demonstrate capabilities and functions of the Imes EPM-XP electronic indicator without a running engine.

Used in combination with the EPM-XP electronic indicator, the simulator allows users to choose between two- and four-stroke engine and to enter different engine data to simulate particular situations, as for example abnormal measurement at the engine, to diagnose wear and tear or to determine ignition point.

Imes said this simulator is an ideal tool for training purposes. Shipping companies can teach their staff how to work with the EPM-XP indicator and even marine schools use EPM-XP combustion simulator for training inside the classroom.

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