Stena Line Takes Cat Onboard

Ferry operator Stena Line, Caterpillar Marine and Cat dealer Pon Power have entered into a digital partnership where the Cat Asset Intelligence solution will provide monitoring of multiple Stena new builds.

The companies said the vessels will be optimized for efficiency and flexibility and will be built by AVIC Shipyard in China and delivered during 2019-20.

Caterpillar Marine said that, unlike technologies that only monitor individual equipment performance or focus only on very specific operational parameters, Cat Asset Intelligence provides monitoring and reliability-centered, advanced analytics for any critical system on the vessel, Cat or non-Cat equipment. That will enable Stena to make condition-based maintenance decisions and operational refinements. The scope of the digital partnership goes beyond connecting the main engines. It also includes the auxiliary diesel generators, controllable pitch propeller, bow thrusters, boiler systems and the tank management systems.  In addition to the visibility and advisories from the onboard and onshore platforms, Caterpillar will provide Stena with dedicated Fleet Advisor Services.

“We are excited to be working together with Caterpillar and Pon Power to better use the data onboard our new vessels to make better operational and maintenance decisions and reduce our operating costs while increasing our reliability,” said Bjarne Koitrand, technical operations director at Stena Line. “This will allow us to further move from time or hours based maintenance to condition based maintenance.”

“Providing digital solutions and services to our customers requires a close partnership, something we and our counterparts at PON strive to achieve every day with Stena, and we look forward to helping them in the practical application of our technology,” said Bert Ritscher, business development manager for Caterpillar Marine Asset Intelligence.  “There’s a real team mentality in place to ensure Stena gets as much return from their technological investment as possible, both today and into the future.”

Stena Line is one of Europe’s leading ferry companies with 36 vessels and 20 routes that connect 10 countries in Northern Europe. Stena Line is an important part of the European logistics network and develops new intermodal freight solutions by combining transport by rail, road and sea. Stena Line also plays an important role for tourism in Europe with its extensive passenger operations. Last year Stena Line transported approximately 7.3 million passengers, 1.6 million cars and 2 million freight units.

Pon has been a Caterpillar dealer in the Netherlands since 1927.


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