First Order For MAN’s SCR-HP Marine Solution

MAN Energy Solutions has announced the first order for its SCR-HP (selective catalytic reduction – high pressure) product.

Mitsui (MES) has ordered three SCR-HP (cluster 3) units for three 87k-dwt bulk carriers for the Ocean 21 Holdings company.

Each bulker will be powered by a single MAN B&W 6S46ME-B8.5 low-speed engine delivering 9900 kW at 84 rpm, and aspirated by a MAN TCA66 turbocharger. The engines will meet IMO Tier 3 emission standards. Delivery dates for the three SCR-HP packages are set respectively for December 2019, and March and May 2020.

“The MAN SCR-HP is the market’s most compact system,” said Ralph Klaunig, vice president, MAN Energy Solutions. “Regardless, it’s always a challenge – and an important milestone – to land a first reference but we expect MAN SCR-HP sales to push on now as a result of this order.

“Crucially, we are now the only manufacturer capable of delivering both exhaust-gas after-treatment solutions: high-pressure selective catalytic reduction, and exhaust-gas recirculation – including an electrical turbo blower. This allows our two-stroke customers to choose their preferred option as best fits their situation. It is also another step towards a greener future for the shipping industry and global trade as a whole.”

Both the engine and turbocharger are built under license by Mitsui with the SCR-HP built in-house at MAN Energy Solution’s Deggendorf, Germany, facility.

MAN Energy Solutions introduced SCR-HP along with licensee, MES, in 2017. The system is based on MAN’s in-house competence with four-stroke engines, for which it can already reference more than 650 000 operating hours.

The MAN SCR-HP is available for two-stroke engines of all bore sizes and reduces – through internal catalytic reaction – NOx exhaust emissions to IMO Tier 3 limits. With specially developed honeycombs and honeycomb materials, as well as an integrated mixing unit, the overall size of the reactor has been drastically reduced compared to typical market designs and its medium-speed counterpart, according to the company.

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is an internal engine process that prevents the formation of NOx by controlling the combustion process, while selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is an after-treatment method that uses a catalyst and an additive to reduce the NOx generated by the combustion process.

The SCR-HP comes in six frame sizes, covering engines up to 25 MW with one reactor for the entire exhaust stream. Larger engines will require two reactors, which can be arranged in a multi-setup similar to turbochargers.

The SCR-HP system consists of the reactor – including mixing unit, urea injection lance, honeycombs and soot blowers – along with a module-based supply system, as well as the reactor’s control unit that communicates with the engine control system.

The SCR-HP system is available for Scheme A and Scheme B classification approval, the company said. Scheme A approval includes certification of the complete system on the engine test bed, SCR and original piping.

Approval via Scheme B reduces complexity for all involved parties. The engine is tested in IMO Tier 2 mode on a test bed. MAN Energy Solutions said it then models the SCR system and calculates the Tier 3 mode. On the parent engine, this mode is certified on board during engine commissioning, the company said. This Scheme B approval is confirmed by several classification societies and reduces the test demands required of the engine licensee. The process is well established in MAN’s medium-speed sector, and over 100 systems are already in the order book awaiting Scheme B certification.

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