Keeping A Low Flow

Caterpillar Oil & Gas announced the debut of the Cat Dynamic Transmission Output Control (DTOC), an integrated system designed with knowledge of the engine and transmission operating characteristics.

The DTOC allows for manual shift automated speed control (ASC) of the Cat CX31-P600 well service transmission for pumping applications, cementing and mobile work over rigs.

“The primary benefit of the Cat ASC is the ability to achieve consistent low flow during critical cementing applications,” said Rodney Harms, well service manager for Caterpillar Oil & Gas. “The system controls output speed via the torque converter lock-up clutch to achieve precise flow control. This ability to automatically control the output speed to achieve very low speeds mimics a deep first gear ratio, giving well service operators a new tool to perform low flow operations.”

The DTOC system is targeted to cementing applications which can require 0.25 bpm flow rate, Cat said. Cementing applications require precise flow control when performing squeeze jobs, which are completed with very low flow rates. The system provides a safe soft link for control of the torque converter lockup, which Cat said translates to precise flow control.

“The system works through simplified operation, allowing more precise flow control and reduced bumping in and out of gear,” Harms said. “It also allows for more reliable operation by limiting heat rejection and increased lube flow for improved durability.”

The Cat engine and transmission monitoring systems continuously monitor and report engine performance, enabling operators to identify inefficiencies, maintenance issues and engine warnings, the company said. The system monitors transmission oil temperatures to ensure safe and reliable completion of jobs without exceeding allowable values, maintaining system and life and integrity, Cat said.

The Cat DTOC is available now through the company’s worldwide dealer network.

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