Major Marine Collaboration

Zentech, GE Marine Solutions sign cooperative agreement to develop advanced marine and offshore vessels

As part of its new collaboration with Zentech, GE Marine Solutions will provide its electric power and propulsion, dynamic positioning and vessel control system solutions for Zentech’s Z-210 offshore platform.

GE’s Marine Solutions business and Zentech Inc., an engineering consulting, project management and construction management company specializing in the offshore oil and gas, marine, renewable energy and construction industries, announced the signing of a cooperation agreement under which the two will work together to provide advanced vessels for their marine and offshore customers.

Covering a range of vessel types, including self-elevating lift boats, drill ships and semi-submersibles, the agreement is intended to leverage the capabilities from both companies. Zentech will contribute with its in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in design, while GE’s Marine Solutions business will provide advanced engineering expertise and technology in power generation, propulsion and control.

GE said the long-term deal has already started to bear results with a first implementation contract through which GE will deliver its electric power and propulsion, dynamic positioning and vessel control system solutions for Zentech’s Z-210, currently under construction at CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co. Limited in China.

The Z-210 is a self-propelled, self-elevating, DP-2 capable, ABS Class, high-temperature rated, four-legged mobile offshore unit capable of operating in water depths of up to 280 ft. Scheduled for delivery in 2018, the Z-210 is designed to address the growing needs for lift boats in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Far East markets where the production, well intervention and platform support activities require the capability for a wide range of water depths from as shallow as 13 ft. to 280 ft.

“This is a defining moment in the evolution of Zentech as one of the world’s leading designers of advanced offshore solutions,” said Ramesh Maini, president and CEO of Zentech. “As specialist designers, we are proud to be working with GE and look forward to incorporating the best of what GE has to offer into our customers’ future vessels. It’s a great prospect for Zentech, and we strongly believe that this collaboration will provide immeasurable value for our customers.”

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