MAN, Daewoo, HSD Engine Sign Digitization Pact

Companies to cooperate in marine engine solutions, auxiliary systems data

MAN Energy Solutions, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) and HSD Engine (HSD) have signed a strategic agreement to cooperate in the field of marine engine systems digitization.

Continuing a long relationship, the companies said they now aim to define a framework for a future long-term strategic digital cooperation. The three companies aim to cooperate in areas such as the digitalization of marine engine solution and auxiliary systems data, the collection and analysis of the data and the integration of it with smart ship platforms and intelligent diagnostic solutions.

“MAN Energy Solutions is determined to drive the digital transition of the marine industry,” said Brian Østergaard Sørensen, head of R&D 2-Stroke Business at MAN Energy Solutions. “We strongly believe that this transition can best be achieved through cooperation and collaboration including customers and providers across the industry. The agreement at hand is a step in this direction and brings together market-leading expertise in the fields of shipbuilding and engine design, manufacturing and operation to explore options for a joint digital development in an important segment of the maritime market.”

K. Choi, head of DSME’s R&D Institute, said DSME is conducting R&D activities to combine digital technology to various fields in shipbuilding, including collaboration with marine engine makers. He also emphasized the need for continuous innovation to enhance DSME’s reputation as a technological leader

W. Park, head of Design & R&D at HSD said HSD will share its own service experiences to DSME and MAN Energy Solution.

“Furthermore, we will also continue our role as a pioneer engine manufacturer in the field of smart ship in order to serve our customers a real-time monitoring service with remote supports through the advanced engine diagnosis technology and it will consequently give us safer and more economical engine operation accordingly,” Park said.

MAN Energy Solutions said it has made the digital transition a core element of its corporate strategy and has announced its new digital platform, MAN CEON, earlier this year. MAN CEON is designed to collect and evaluate operating and sensor data, and enable the real-time monitoring of marine and power-plant engines, turbines and compressors.

“MAN CEON is the new backbone of our developing digital-service business,” said Per Hansson, head of Digital and Strategy at MAN Energy Solutions. “Digitization is often reduced to a technical level, but is really about providing more valuable services to our customers. Thanks to MAN CEON, we can provide our customers onshore and on-board with even more timely and insightful support in their daily operations, and optimize the availability and efficiency of their installations.”

The platform integrates data and information from MAN machinery and its operational environment, and uses intelligent analysis tools for evaluation and forecasting. The operating data of all systems and ships connected via CEON can be transmitted to customer sites as well as MAN service centers in real time. From here, MAN experts pro-actively support customers with problem-solving and maintenance

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