Marino New Ansaldo Energia CEO

The Ansaldo Energia Board of Directors named Giuseppe Marino as the company’s new CEO.

Together with the chairman, Giuseppe Zampini, Marino will decide the company’s strategy, particularly relating to the new Chinese joint ventures.

“In consideration of his proven experience and knowledge of the international energy market, the Board then resolved to entrust the Chairman, Giuseppe Zampini – temporarily and jointly with the Chief Executive Officer – with certain proxies concerning the orientation of the Company’s strategic areas, including the technological sector and the support for commercial activities, including those relating to the Chinese JVs,” the company said in a news release.

During the Board of Directors meeting, the representatives of the two shareholders, CDP Equity and Shanghai Electric, jointly reiterated their commitment to the company, support for the new CEO and renewed confidence in the president, according to the press release.

“Furthermore, in light of the upcoming commercial and financial challenges, the Shareholders have indicated that the managerial action pursues the business growth and the profitability improvement in the long-term investment perspective that they have set themselves,” the news release said.

The Board also appointed a new chief financial director, Daniela Binter.

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