Each year, Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide compiles three separate order surveys designed to provide details on the markets of large-horsepower reciprocating engines, gas turbines and steam turbines used in power generation, mechanical drive and marine propulsion applications.

These reports have become highly anticipated resources showing the current landscape of large-horsepower prime movers.

Data from these annual reports is used by myriad industry professionals (from prime-mover OEMs to component suppliers to aftermarket service providers) as a way to gauge the strength of the marketplace.

The Power Generation Order Survey, the Marine Propulsion Order Survey and the Mechanical Drive Order Survey represent the few remaining neutral sources of market data available to the public at no charge.

Information provided by OEMs is compiled, totaled and published as industry-wide unit orders. Individual OEM data is not shared. Every effort is made to ensure that this survey is as complete and comprehensive as possible and would not have the level of detail it contains without the generous contributions of the participating companies.


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