More Power From MAN

New 20V45/60 diesel engine for power generation applications achieves 26 MW

The new MAN 20V45/60 diesel engine is designed for power generation applications and achieves 26 MW.

MAN Diesel & Turbo’s new 20V45/60 diesel engine version for power generation applications can achieve a power output of 26 MW with less fuel consumption than its predecessor, the MAN 48/60.

“26 MW in output is unprecedented – this is the most powerful four-stroke engine in the market,” said Wayne Jones, chief sales officer of MAN Diesel & Turbo. “The 20V45/60 expands the current performance range of MAN’s 4x family of diesel engines by more than 4 MW, while offering a best-in-class fuel efficiency of more than 50%.”

Plant operators benefit from the engine’s high power-density, which significantly reduces capital expenses, as fewer engines and less space are needed to reach a plant’s desired overall output, the company said. An extremely competitive fuel-oil consumption adds to the sustainability of the engine’s environmental footprint, which meets the World Bank 2 (2007/2008) emission standard for heavy fuel oil (HFO), marine gas oil (MGO), and marine diesel oil (MDO). A solution with integrated selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is under preparation and will further reduce NOx emissions by up to 80%.

The worldwide rise of decentralized energy generation and renewable energy has significantly changed the capability profile that thermal power plants need to match, MAN said. Consequently, the new 45/60 is suited for base load as well as peak-shaving applications.  Gas and dual-fuel versions of the engine are currently under preparation. More cylinder configurations will be added to the 45/60 engine family in the future, the company said.

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