Portable Turbine Oil Conditioning

Filtration Group Corp.’s Hydraulics Group recently expanded its offering of Turbo-Toc Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems to meet the need for portable filtration systems.

Turbo-Toc systems have historically supported long-term turbine operation and significantly reduced the probability of failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated turbine oil, the company said. The KLP Series expands the overall family with 3 and 5 GPM portable models. The new 3 and 5 GPM models were designed specifically to address the needs of customers looking for a cost-effective solution where a higher capacity system would be excessive, the company said.

The KLP Turbo-Toc turbine oil conditioning system’s portability provides as-needed oil conditioning for a selected oil reservoir during equipment uptime, and adds an additional benefit during shutdown by quickly preparing the turbine oil for equipment start-up. After the system has removed the water from the turbine oil, it will accumulate in the coalescer vessel.  When it has accumulated to a preset level, the automatic water drain will discharge the water from the system.

The KLP Series may be installed on a single reservoir or moved between multiple turbine oil reservoirs. The KLP Series uses the same filter media and technology as the KL Series Turbo-Toc Turbine Oil Conditioners and is capable of meeting ISO Cleanliness Code 15/13/11.  All models in the KLP series come with a standard pre-filter for ultra-fine particle removal.  Particulate filtration is rated at Beta (5.1) = 1000.  An optional heater may also be added to the system to reduce the time to raise oil temperatures upon start-up.

For more than 70 years, Kaydon Filtration has been working to keep lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, and fuels clean to prevent critical machinery failures and downtime. www.kaydonfiltration.com.

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