Power Plant Up And Running

GE Power said its 7HA gas turbine units have achieved commercial operation at Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc.’s Nishi-Nagoya power plant Block-1 in Japan.

Block-1 incorporates GE’s highest efficiency 7HA gas turbines and Toshiba’s steam turbine technology and will provide more than 1188 MW to the grid with over 62% thermal efficiency, enough equivalent electricity to supply approximately 400 000 average homes in Japan.

GE said the milestone follows several years of close collaboration between Chubu, Toshiba and GE to support highly-efficient thermal power generation in Japan. Chubu was initially looking to support the government’s initiative for cleaner, more efficient power generation by replacing its 40-year-old Nishi-Nagoya facility. Chubu selected a higher efficiency and more flexible large block gas turbine that could support multi-shaft (3on1) combined cycle operation, provide low NOx emissions, and run on LNG fuel.

GE is delivering six 7HA.01 gas turbines for Nishi-Nagoya power plant. The HA is GE’s largest and most efficient gas turbine family; at the heart of Nishi-Nagoya, the 7HA will help increase thermal efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions compared to other thermal power technologies, the company said.

“GE’s HA technology underscores our company’s commitment to powering the world with more efficient energy solutions, and we are proud to achieve this milestone with Chubu and Toshiba,” said Bill Horie, country executive for GE Power in Japan. “The 7HA is a prime example of the important role GE can play in Asia’s energy future, and the HA’s proven operational experience in the field will provide more reliable, efficient and flexible power for years to come.”

 GE said its HA gas turbines are the fastest growing fleet of gas turbines in the world, achieving more than 30 000 combined operating hours globally. The 7HA’s fuel flexibility accommodates a wide range of gas and liquid fuels, including high ethane (shale) gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG). Additionally, the 7HA ramps up to full load in less than 30 minutes allowing for greater grid stability with renewable and alternative energy sources.

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