Russian Manufacturer Power Machines Testing Domestic Turbine Ignition System

Russian company Power Machines has begun testing the GTE-170 gas turbine ignition system as part of a project to create domestically manufactured large and medium power gas turbines.

Power Machines’ partner NPO CKTI carried out an audit of bench equipment and gas facilities, manufactured units for connecting the burner to the test compartment. The burner device was manufactured by Power Machines and equipped with a diagonal swirler manufactured by FSUE VIAM. Elements of the ignition system for a high-power gas turbine were designed and manufactured by Power Machines in cooperation with a leading Russian aviation company. According to the requirements of the technical task, the assigned resource of the ignition unit is 100 000 hours, wires and candles – 35 000 hours.

During the tests, the operability of electrodes, ignition units, and wires will be checked in modes simulating ignition. The data obtained will be used to confirm the technical solutions incorporated in the design documentation, and will also serve as the basis for providing materials and manufacturing the first set of the ignition system for the GTE-170 prototype.

Power Machines started developing a domestic line of power gas turbines of two standard sizes – GTE-65 and GTE-170 – in 2018. Since then, a design bureau has been created, design documentation has been developed, design work is underway.

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