Siemens ‘Megaproject’ Comes Alive

The Beni Suef site is one of the three power plants in the Megaproject Siemens completed in Egypt. The project was one bright spot for the company's Power division.

With 14.4 GW of power supplied by three combined-cycle power plants, the ‘Megaproject’ that Siemens carried out in record time in Egypt is considered the largest of its kind. It is certainly the biggest project in Siemens’ history.

When the memorandum of understanding was signed in Berlin, Germany, in June 2015, Egypt had a serious problem with electricity availability. The country suffered an almost total black-out in September 2014 and there was a significant gap between power generation and demand.

The three power plants composing the Megaproject were completed in the record time of 27.5 months. The total 14.4 GW power output is equally distributed in the three sites in combined cycle configuration – Burullus, New Capital and Beni Suef – produced by 24 Siemens H-class gas turbines and 12 steam turbines. Additional equipment supplied by Siemens included 24 heat recovery systems, 36 power generators and main transformers, and three gas-insulated switchgears.

The contract, worth €6 billion, included also the construction of the substations, and a long-term service contract for the Siemens equipment.

Learn more about the details of this massive and exciting project from Siemens and its partners Orascom Construction and Elsewedy Electric. Coming soon on D&GTW.

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