Voith Digital Solutions Opens New High-Tech Campus In NC

(From left to right) Ashley Cagle, Wake County Economic Development, Stephan Keuschnigg-Zingl, Voith Digital Solutions, Marc Begin, Voith Digital Solutions, Representative Cynthia Ball, N.C. House of Representatives, Darryl Stevenson, Voith Digital Solutions, Rene Habets, Voith Digital Solutions, and Jenn Bosser, City of Raleigh, Office of Economic Development and Innovation.

Voith said its new high-tech campus in Raleigh, N.C., USA, is a place where bright minds can come together to learn, teach, discover and bring the Internet of Things to life for all of Voith’s platforms.

The Digital Campus is the latest venture of the Voith Digital Solutions Division (DS). Raleigh, being a geographic hub for research and technology, was chosen to be Voith’s North American digital hub for the team there to lead the way for digitization and innovation. An opening ceremony was held in August.

“The opening of this campus highlights Voith’s commitment to developing innovative products and services,” said Teemu Tunkelo, executive vice president, Platform Services & CTO, DS. The new campus has an open environment designed for collaboration and brainstorming. The Voith Digital Solutions group is comprised of regional teams across North America covering the whole value added chain from RnD, product management, order management, engineering, and supply chain.

Joining Tunkelo was Voith’s Stephan Keuschnigg-Zingl, senior vice president, Automation Services and Upgrades, IT Infrastructure and Business Solutions, DS, Marc Begin, senior vice president, DS and Tony Rowland, senior vice president & CFO, Voith Paper. The key Voith executives spoke directly to the DS employees and encouraged them to be innovating and groundbreaking in a way that honors Voith’s history while looking forward to the future.

“Voith is a 150-year-old company that has many years of experience and much expertise in IT. We are taking our long-standing domain knowledge in so many Voith industries including hydro power generation, paper machines and critical power train components for rail, marine and the oil & gas markets and bringing it to Raleigh into a team developing advanced services and solutions for our industries,” Keuschnigg-Zingl said.

Digital Solutions bundles Voith’s long-standing automation and IT expertise with the know-how in the fields of hydro power generation, paper machines and critical power train components for rail, marine and the oil & gas industry. This division works with new and existing customers to develop innovative products and services by driving IoT innovations and decisively shaping the digitalization process within our industries.

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