Wärtsilä Launches Global Support Center

Wärtsilä said it has launched a global Wärtsilä Customer Support Center (CSC) designed to provides all Wärtsilä customers with easily accessible, transparent and high-quality support.

In addition to the existing support channels, the Wärtsilä Customer Support Center responds to all inquiries regarding any products and solutions belonging to the Wärtsilä family, such as spare parts, field services, technical support, and Wärtsilä Online Services.

As an additional customer support channel, it complements contacting, for example, the account manager or other appointed Wärtsilä contact persons. During business days, the Wärtsilä Customer Support Center can be reached around the clock via several channels and Wärtsilä Online Services. During non-business days, the Customer Support Center is available via phone.

“Enhanced availability and usability of customer service result in an increased peace of mind and increased customer satisfaction. With the fast technology- and acquisition-driven expansion of Wärtsilä products and services, the Wärtsilä Customer Support Centre enables our customers to concentrate on their core business,” said Pierpaolo Barbone, president & EVP, Wärtsilä Services.

The first Customer Support Center of Wärtsilä in Americas started in January 2016, followed by the introduction of three additional Customer Support Centers. After a two-year period of expanding the new service approach country by country, the Wärtsilä Customer Support Center reached global scale at the beginning of December 2017.

The 24/7 phone support is now available, allowing convenience and availability as well as asset lifecycle optimization for the customers of Wärtsilä.

The global team of dedicated and skilled customer support experts has an extensive background and hands-on experience from Wärtsilä, in addition to understanding customers and their evolving business needs. With the help of the Customer Support Centre, Wärtsilä can now offer even better customer service experience, combining traditional support channels with more modern digital ones. This combination makes it also easier for customers to adopt the digital solutions that Wärtsilä will offer in the future.



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