Wärtsilä Subsidiary Opens Diving Center In UAE

From left: Rob de Joode, GM- FS and WS, William Winters, managing director, Trident, and Adrie Huijbregts, senior consultant at the opening of Trident's new diving center in Fujairah, UAE. Trident is a subsidiary of Wärtsilä that performs underwater servicing.

Trident, a subsidiary of Wärtsilä that performs underwater servicing work, has opened a new diving center facility in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates.

The company said the expansion into a major global shipping region will enhance Wartsila’s ability to serve its global customers with underwater repairs, refurbishments and maintenance. By performing this work below the waterline using fully trained technician divers, the need to dry dock the vessel is eliminated, thereby significantly reducing costs and avoiding interruptions to the vessel’s operations, the company said.

“Our certified technicians can perform safe, reliable, and cost-effective repairs either underwater or afloat,” said William Winters, managing director of Trident. “Furthermore, we can assess repair requirements with thorough underwater inspections by our specialist teams. This adds considerable customer value since it increases the vessel’s operational efficiency while minimizing its downtime.”

Wärtsilä acquired the Trident Group in February 2018, as well as the Spanish underwater services company Burriel Navarro later that year.

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